After reading, I decided to volunteer for Libreplanet 2021 .

Every year the conference happens somewhere outside of India and hence it is difficult for a student like me to get a ticket and fly out , but this year thanks to the pandemic , it's completely online which means you can sacrifice some sleep(due to timezone issues) and give back as a volunteer.

You also get to learn the inner workings of taking a conference as big as libreplanet completely online.

Not only this but you get a ton of material perks , quoting the blog on that -:

We will upgrade your registration to Supporter level, which gives you access to signing up for limited access workshops, a digital registration badge, access to the trivia event with fabulous prizes, and a commemorative pin and USB drive with videos from the event.

I mean  commemorative pin and a USB drive , what more does a man need ?

So go write an email to . Volunteer for the conf today and join the fsf in their mission to empower users and liberate the planet from the shackles of proprietary garbage.

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