Here is the third update on how things are going on with KDE Social.

I am mostly done with the twitter and mastodon part of things and something that was big hurdle which is  figuring out a proper way to schedule posts on the server side .

I have pushed most stuff to master now .

Things to be done -:

  • API keys to authenticate to the main server
  • Complete the simple desktop client
  • Add documentation for developing plugins while adding support for Reddit
  • Add more documentation and tags to /redoc so that documentation from the openapi standard gets generated automatically

A small announcement : I am looking for testers for this project now . I have put up detailed instructions on KDE's gitlab README to build and run this . Currently the only supported platform is Linux . Instructions will be similar for Windows since this is based on python . I don't have any experience using a macintosh so I can gaurantee anything about that. Although please do reach out to me if you  successfully build it on there.

If you set out to test this and find any bugs please open an issue on gitlab or hit me up on or mail[at] I will definitely help you out.

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Sok Update 4

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