Recently After starting my internship with I started working with servers and actually understanding how the Backend of something as trivial as a CDN works and how beautifully it all comes together.

Being the Arch lover that I am , my first and most natural question was, why not use Arch in the server room ? Why Debian or Centos ?
Why not get yourself a taste of that bleeding edge software and feel the pleasure in finding 20 package updates every other day.

And now to prove my point I have setup my home server ie My Raspi 4 using Arch linux ARM :)

Although Arch Linux ARM doesn't really have that much support and I had to spend almost 3 hours debugging to make it work after it booted, It was all really worth it.

I now embark on a journey to setup nextcloud and jellyfin on my arch server and maintain them so that I can prove that servers can and do run Arch
and in the process if that leads to increase in the documentation for Arch ARM then so be it.

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Posted by Manav Sethi

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