Wasn't this a tech blog , I have no idea.

I am writing this currently sitting  at this farewell party of some juniors who are somewhat dear to me and mean a lot to me. We got an overnight stay at a place and I have no idea why I thought I'd actually have fun at this party because its the exact same "party" I have been to since the past 4ish years just with different people.

Let's begin with this I used to be an extreme introvert with a shielded group of 4 friends until I hit my 20s , I still have 4; some left some new joined in, you know the drill but after the pandemic ended I made friends that sort of forced me to be an ambivert and actually get out and go to "parties". I also work for a tech company based out of the "Silicon Valley of India" so often times I go out with my colleagues too.

I will now explain what is happening in this party of 15ish folks and possibly every party i've been to lately -:

  1. There is a dude in each of the 6 washrooms hurling at any given time . As soon as they are done hurling they go back and get another drink
  2. There are "munchies" going on in one of the rooms , the room obviously looks like Delhi a day after Diwali.
  3. There are 2 guys on the floor of the living room , lying down ( I think breathing )
  4. There is one person who is sober other than yours truly who is now trying to find a hiding place for alcohol since he can't stop the ones drinking it who keep hurling and drinking more.

I sometimes think maybe my parents raised me wrong , maybe I should have taken up drinking or smoking or something else because then at-least that way in a group of 15 people who pleaded with me to come I won't feel so alone.

I have always envisioned parties as a place to go and maybe talk or play board games, but I've realized that it's probably my naivety to believe that would be the case. Its just smoking leaves of some plant and / or drinking some fermented grain to forget the present , living maybe in the past or the future or to get that extra oomf that life isn't offering right now.

This post has probably turned into a ramble now but I guess that is what being in a party in your 20s is like.