Recently I enrolled as a part of the FSF camp 2020 and just after a single activity , I think enrolling here is on of the best decisions I have ever  taken .

The first activity was about preserving Ideas and Knowledge we would like to be conserved for years to come. It was called creating a knowledge tree

The Organizers went around the room going to everyone and asking them the same question

What if in a 1000 years , all the libraries are demolished , every single piece of information is destroyed and only this tree remains. What is the single most important piece of knowledge you would like to preserve here

We got some great answers for this activity starting from Open source hardware going all the way up to the very idea of humanity

As for me I didnt know exactly what to so I just wanted to preserve a piece of knowledge we all just learned recently

Even though the bat seems tasty, do not try and eat one

The Activity was really really fun , looking forward to the second one

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Decentralized is the Future

Posted by Manav Sethi

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