I have been meaning to write this post since a long time but wasn't able to find time to do the same so here it is now.

The tale of betty is a part of  the new Taylor Swift album folklore  . It spans over three songs -: cardigan , august and finally betty

So in this post we are going to talk about the first song in the series -: cardigan  ,

Here are the first few verses

Vintage tee, brand new phone
High heels on cobblestones
When you are young, they assume you know nothing
Sequin smile, black lipstick
Sensual politics
When you are young, they assume you know nothing
But I knew you
Dancin' in your Levi's
Drunk under a streetlight, I
I knew you
Hand under my sweatshirt
Baby, kiss it better, I
And when I felt like I was an old cardigan
Under someone's bed
You put me on and said I was your favorite

Now from these it is very clear that the girl talking feels good about being in a relationship and it clearly makes her very happy . It's the like the start of all the relationships, breezy cheesy and romantic.

Now if we move on to the next few verses we can the story take shape a little bit  

A friend to all is a friend to none
Chase two girls, lose the one
When you are young, they assume you know nothin
But I knew you
Playing hide-and-seek and
Giving me your weekends,
But I knew you
Playing hide-and-seek and
Giving me your weekends,

I knew you
Your heartbeat on the High Line
Once in 20 lifetimes, I

This is where it gets interesting , we find out how the boy was cheating on the girl and the girl saw some signs . For example lines like "Playing hide-and-seek and
Giving me your weekends" tell us how the girl felt that the boy was playing hide and seek with her and not spending all his time with her. And hence the cheating part.

To kiss in cars and downtown bars
Was all we needed
You drew stars around my scars
But now I'm bleedin
Cause I knew you
Steppin' on the last train
Marked me like a bloodstain, I
I knew you
Tried to change the ending
Peter losing Wendy, I
I knew you
Leavin' like a father
Running like water, I
And when you are young, they assume you know nothing

So moving on we see the reaction the girl gives when she finds out that the boy was cheating on her. Lines like" you drew stars around my scars" are very reminiscent of Taylor's writing style. How she can take something as big as heartbreak and put it in relatable words for everyone is amazing.

The line Peter losing Wendy according to me is taken from the Peter Pan story .

In the story, Peter steals Wendy away to Neverland, where he and the Lost Boys live, having resolved never to grow up. As I recall, Wendy eventually leaves, because she does not want to stay a child forever.

So in the song, the narrator is trying to say that her relationship ended because the boy was too immature for her.

But I knew you'd linger like a tattoo kiss
I knew you'd haunt all of my what-ifs
The smell of smoke would hang around this long
'Cause I knew everything when I was young
I knew I'd curse you for the longest time
Chasin' shadows in the grocery line
I knew you'd miss me once the thrill expired
And you'd be standin' in my front porch light
And I knew you'd come back to me
You'd come back to me
And you'd come back to me
And you'd come back

The first few lines of these final few verses are my favourite. Even though I have never experienced heartbreak personally I can feel what she is trying to say in these lines.  

In the last few lines we find out how the boy comes back to the girl requesting her to take him back . The beautfiul thing about this is that the last few lines kinda continue in the song betty in which the boy(James) finally tries to apologize to betty to take him back . Anyways more on that later .

And this was my view on the first song - cardigan in the tale of betty by Taylor Swift

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Another amazing take on cardigan

(Fanart credits to u/fiannart on reddit , Go check them out they are amazing)